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    1989 - Lives and works in Marseille

    Amandine Guruceaga initiates a protean set of works, moving from sculpture to installation, from precious object to project dedicated to public space.
    Her work explores the physical boundaries of matter - me- tal, fabric, skin - and plays with the boundaries between art and craft, organic and technical. Her works question the socio-economic history of materials and reveal the artist’s fascination with the migration of forms and patterns and the boundary between painting and sculpture.

    Education and Degrees:

    2013: DNSEP with honors, School of Art and Design Marseille Méditerranée 2010: DNAP with jury mention, School of Art and Design Marseille Méditerranée

    Solo Exhibitions:

    2023: (soon) Healing Surfaces, Julie Caredda Gallery, Paris

    2019: Art-0-Rama, Stand project La compagnie fruitière in Ivory Coast

    2018: «Colour Sparks» as part of the LVMH Métiers d’Art residencies, Monteverita, Paris

    «Precipitate» duo-show with Tom Giampieri, Espace à vendre, Nice

    2016: «Nè» duo-show with Catarina de Oliveira, Contemporary Art Spring, Tank, Marseille

    «Devouring what is Contiguous» Quadrum Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

    2014: «Wupu Bleach Bang» The Pipe Factory, Glasgow, UK

    2013: «Nana Benz» Diagonales 61 Gallery, comm. Pedro Morais, Marseille

    Group Exhibitions (selection):

    2023: «Caca Bleu Véritable» Moly Sabata, Sablons, curator Joël Riff

    «After Math» at Mazzoli gallery, Berlin, curator Lucia Longhi

    «Pluriel.les» inaugural exhibition Julie Caredda Gallery, Paris

    2022: Lux Art Fair, Luxembourg, Versant Sud

    Plunging into Color, Montélimar Contemporary Art Museum

    2021: Private Show LVMH, La Samaritaine, Paris

    «Painting by the meter» Espace à Vendre Gallery, Nice

    «SAGA» La Station, Nice

    «100%» Parc de la Villette, public sculpture

    «Spring Show» Spring Agency, Paris

    2020: «Best Wishes from Nice» Espace à Vendre gallery, Nice

    «Soft Power» Hôtel de Gallifet - Manifesta 13

    «Street Trash: the special effect of sculpture» Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille

    2019: «The great diversion» Ceysson Benetière gallery, curator Léa Chauvel-Levy

    «Festival «Moving Places» Le Grand Launay, Brittany

    64th Salon Montrouge, Le Beffroi, Paris

    «Forms of History» Les Tanneries Contemporary Art Center, Amilly

    2018: «Outside Our» Emerige Revelations Prize, Villa Emerige, curator Gaël Charbau

    «Against the Grain» invitation by Annelise Michelson, Lafayette Anticipation, Paris

    «Swab Art Fair» Double V gallery, Barcelona

    2017: «The Saga» Double V gallery, Marseille

    «City of Marseille Workshop Prize» Friche la Belle de Mai

    «Camera Camera» Contemporary Art Fair, Hotel Windsor, Nice

    «Inventors of Adventures» Villa Arson Nice, curator Gaël Charbau

    «Based on a True Story» Derouillon Gallery, Paris

    2016: «Pop Culture Marauders» Mains d’œuvres, Saint Ouen, curator Benoît Lamy de La Chapelle, In Extenso

    «Run Run Run» Art Center of Villa Arson, Nice

    «Raoul Reynolds: a retrospective» Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille «Saga» invitation from Rafaela Lopez, ART-O-RAMA

    «Okay Confiance Festival» Atlantis space of the Sébastien Perret col lection, Marseille

    «Raoul Reynolds: a retrospective» Scotland Street School Museum, as part of «Glasgow International»

    2015: «Early Works Meets Apartment» Apartment 27bis, curator Thimothé Chaillou, Paris

    «Utopia» The Carpenters of Corsica, Ponte Leccia, Corsica

    «The Kaowkovsky Institute Museum» Spring Contemporary Art Festival, Marseille.

    «Studio gallery» Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille.

    2014: «François Villon, Heart at Raw» F.Villon College, Paris «Ephemeral Arts» Park of the White House, Marseille

    «Part 1», graduates exhibition, gallery Hors-les-Murs, Marseille

    2013: «Synchronized Sculpture» happening «Competent bodies», curator Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, Villa Arson, Nice

    2012: «VS», gallery Hfg Offenbach/Satellit, Berlin

    «The Mariannes» Space Villeneuve Bargemon, curator Anita Molinéro, Marseille


    2023: «Blank Page» commission from Matmut for the Hyatt hotel, Rouen

    «Liquid Inclusion» Commission from Bouygues Immo, Marignane

    2022: «My mozaik» commission of a sculpture by Bouygues Immo for Istres

    2021: Winner of the 1 Building - 1 Work program, La Transat Commission Marseille, Pitch immo

    Finalist «Art in the City» Public Sculpture, Montrouge

    2013: Public Sculpture, Mirador Balnéaire «Rendez-vous at the David(s)», 6th and 8th district town hall, Marseille European cultural capital, duration 1 year, Prado beach

    Residences and Prizes:

    2023: Winner of the «SOART Residencies», Austria

    2021: Finalist of the «MAIF Prize for Sculpture»

    Winner of the TRAVERSÉE program, Ministry of Culture

    Residence «Reopening the World» Yvon Lambert Collection, Avignon

    2020: Creation project IRCAM Pompidou Paris, in partnership with the Residence Vent des Forêts

    2019: International Residence La Compagnie Fruitière, Ivory Coast, Fraeme Residence Festival Moving Places, Brittany

    2018: Residence Vent des Forêts, Meuse

    2017: Residence LVMH Métiers d’Art at the Riba Guixa tannery, Spain

    2016-2018: Residence of the City of Marseille Studios

    2015: Residence The Carpenters of Corsica, Ponte Leccia, Corsica

    2014: Residence Triangle France, at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Scotland

    2012: Winner, second prize of the «The Mariannes» competition, Marseille

    Collections (selection) :

    City of Marseille Public Collection

    LVMH Collection (5 artworks)

    Jenko Corporate Collection

    La Samaritaine Paris Collection

    Pitch Immo Collection

    Bouygues Immo Collection (2 artworks)

    La Compagnie Fruitière Corporate Collection

    Private Collection of Hervé Lebrun

    CCKB Collection

    Vent des Forets Public Art Center Collection


    2019: Exhibition Catalogue, 64th Salon Montrouge

    Outside Our, Catalogue Revelations Emerige 5th edition Emerige Revelations 5 years, Catalogue, 368 pages

    2018: Colour Sparks, Monograph Éditions RVB Books

    Raoul Reynolds: a retrospective, Éditions Poursuites

    Press (selection):

    2019: «Le Cuir Vitrail d’Amandine Guruceaga» Leather Fashion Design

    «The opening» Alluring the Art Scene

    «LVMH Métiers d’Art presents Colour Sparks, the exhibition by Amandine Guruceaga» www.LVMH.com

    «Jewelry designer Annelise Michelson collaborates with seven women artists» Numéro Magazine

    «Transforming leather into stained glass» AD Magazine

    «Vent des Forêts: the artistic lab is being updated» Est Républicain Journal


    2018: «Six Women of Art, they are shaking up cultural life!» ELLE Magazine

    Riba Guixà tannery hosts the second artist residency of LVMH Métiers d’Art

    LVMH honors Métiers d’Art at the Riba Guixà tannery

    «The second LVMH Métier d’Art residency puts the tannery in the spotlight» Quotidien de l’Art n°1233.

    2016: Nè, Catarina de Oliveira and Amandine Guruceaga, Le point Contemporain by Valérie and Daniel Toubias

    Co-founder and Co-director of TANK since 2014 (Artist-Run-Space, Marseille) :

    2020: «Street Trash: The Special Effect of Sculpture», Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille with Sylvie Auvray, Alexandre Bavard, Michel Blazy, Mathis Collins, Johan Creten, Mimosa Echard, Daniel Firman, Julien Goniche, Michel Gouéry, Amandine Guruceaga, Agata Ingarden, John Isaacs, Re naud Jerez, Jed Kirby, Hugo L’ahelec, Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, Estrid Lutz, Anita Molinero, Elsa Sahal, Maxime Sanchez, Ugo Schiavi, Jim Shaw, Anne Wenzel.

    2016: «Raoul Reynolds: a retrospective» co-curated by Francesca Zappia, with Stéphanie Cherpin, Sandro Della Noce, Guillaume Gattier, Amandine Gu ruceaga, James McLardy, Helen de Main, Benjamin Marianne, Douglas Morland, Philippe Murphy, Bobby Niven, Alys Owen, Emilie Perotto, Glas gow and Marseille

    2015: «Stiff Sculptures» Georges Tony Stoll, solo show «The Kaowkovsky Institute Museum» group show «20-22 alpha» by Thierry Loa (projection)
    «Run run run run run run run away» group show